update statement that appears on PyPi about Synapse to be consistent



Wording seems out of date and inconsistent with other places.




Meredith Slota
April 11, 2019, 7:21 PM

We never got time approved from marketing to work on messaging here. I vote for Kenny and Kim collaborating on a new statement and just going for it.

Kimyen Truong
September 26, 2018, 8:46 PM

In version 1.9.0 I am using instruction in https://github.com/pypa/python-packaging-user-guide to set the long description on pypi the same as our README. Moving forward, the change should be made at README to be reflected in pypi. I haven't released 1.9.0 yet, but you can see the result here: https://test.pypi.org/project/synapseclient/

Meredith Slota
August 29, 2018, 8:55 PM

Fair enough. I want this too. One of the first key tasks (I hope) for our new marketing manager, whenever we find them, would be to help us unify messaging and craft standard statements to be used for different audiences. I'd like to use this ticket to collect instances (THANK YOU) of Synapse descriptions we've published (includes the repos for all Synapse pieces of the platform, not just Python) and save them for when this person joins us.

Kenneth Daily
August 29, 2018, 8:41 PM

I just want things to be (relatively) the same regardless of where I read them! This could become a new epic - find all places we say what Synapse is and make sure they're current and address the needs of the audience they are intended for.

https://docs.synapse.org/ - "Synapse is a collaborative, open-source research platform that allows teams to share data, track analyses, and collaborate."

http://sagebionetworks.org/platforms/ - "Synapse is a collaborative research platform that allows research teams to share data, track analyses, and collaborate across organizational boundaries. At Sage Bionetworks, we use the Synapse platform to support all of our collaborative science and assessments & benchmarking projects. Synapse allows us to organize content, establish transparent and reproducible workflows, track collaborative analysis across distributed teams, and broadcast research assets."

https://github.com/Sage-Bionetworks/synapseDocs/ - "This is a documentation site for Synapse. Synapse is an open source software platform that data scientists use to carry out, track, and communicate their research in real time."

https://python-docs.synapse.org/ - "The synapseclient package provides an interface to Synapse, a collaborative workspace for reproducible data intensive research projects, providing support for..."

https://github.com/Sage-Bionetworks/synapsePythonClient - "A Python client for Sage Bionetworks' Synapse, a collaborative compute space that allows scientists to share and analyze data together."

https://twitter.com/SageSynapse - Says nothing

's short Synapse for collaborators doc: "We have built a computational platform, Synapse, where
researchers can share de-identified datasets to co-analyze, learn from, and improve knowledge of health
and disease."

TOTALLY understand different audiences can warrant different emphasis, but these should be planned, not legacy or random.

Kimyen Truong
August 29, 2018, 8:19 PM

I want to take this chance to upgrade it to a nice landing page like: https://pypi.org/project/deprecation/




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