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Expose new view etags in command line clients

There is a small amount of client side work needed to expose the new view etags for PLFM-4249 .

  1. There is a new parameter in org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.table.Query called 'includeEntityEtag'. When 'includeEntityEtag' is set to true, the query results for a view will return a List<EntityRow> (when false a List<Row> is returned). This new EntityRow extends Row and includes an Etag.

  2. There is also a new parameter in org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.table.DownloadFromTableRequest called 'includeEntityEtag'. When 'includeEntityEtag' is set to true for a CSV download a new column will be included in the CSV called ROW_ETAG.

  3. There is a new parameter in org.sagebionetworks.repo.model.table.PartialRow called 'etag'. When a client creates a PartialRow to update a view, the etag should be copied from the EtntityRow to the PartialRow.



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