Entity Finder future features triage


List and link to the potential future features within the Entity Finder

Some of these will effect other components so they were deemed out of scope for Entity Finder

Figma (In progress):

List (In progress)


  • Error states

  • Success notifications - Global Issue

  • Ability to place views and tables in folders or separate categorization of views and tables - Relates to existing issue

  • Optimize components which lead to Entity Finder (eg. provenance) - Will relate to specific flows (eg. Provenance flow)

  • Trigger from Files directory (seperate - right click)

  • Trigger from anywhere (To be discussed

  • Command line info (how to do this via command line)

  • Dialogue size

  • Docker tagging

Two Pane entity Finder

  • Show File types in directory, and allow sort / filter

  • Filters in relevant columns (eg, filter by types: docker containers)

  • Add/ remove columns


  • Search results have a path

Specific improvements based on Scenarios

  • Submit multiple items at once to challenge

  • File views scope to be able to select files

  • New items (copy, etc.)


  • Information icon / Ability to get more info about an item using icon

  • Improve sharing settings icons and understanding

Single Pane entity finder

  • Ability to show contents of folder in single entity finder

  • Should we include SYNID in small entity finder?

  • Ability to go into the folder

  • Filter by name

  • Create new folder




Duminda Aluthgamage
7 days ago

Update - anything that we need for release 2 (improvements or bugs) will be placed into a seperate ticket and removed from the description of this ticket.

This ticket is instead about desired or proposed new features (eg. “create new folder”, “filter by name”, etc.)

Duminda Aluthgamage
April 16, 2021, 7:39 PM

To Do

  • Clean up figma file

  • ensure all proposals are included in the new designs

  • share with PMs

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Duminda Aluthgamage


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