Use SRC HasAccess/DownloadList component in


Instead of showing tier and strange button (that people always mistake for an non-interactive alert), replace with the widget that Ljubo designed which has Governance sign-off.




Jay Hodgson
February 18, 2020, 5:50 PM

Another round of refinements based on design, and realization that warnings being shown in the context of a file in the DownloadList do not make much sense outside of that context!

Examples uses of the same HasAccess component:

Download List - file too large:

Download List - external link:

File View - no Access Requirements:

File View - Access Requirements all met:


File View - unmet Access Requirements:

File View - not logged in and file not OPEN_DATA:


Jay Hodgson
February 19, 2020, 12:07 AM

Update SWC!

Jay Hodgson
February 19, 2020, 12:38 AM

SRC 1.13.5 released (see

There are some known issues with the react component DownloadList:

  • Doesn’t have some of the optimizations does, its not making batch calls.

  • Client-side download list table column sorting is unavailable.

  • A few UI tweaks (borders, backgrounds, …) that the design team suggested.

I didn’t think any of these issues should block release of the component, since improvements made to the react component would benefit all portals moving forward. If there are any blocking issues discovered on staging next week, then we should track them in other Jira tickets and decide if they block releasing SWC next week.


Xavier Schildwachter
February 28, 2020, 8:25 PM

Looks good. Verified fixed 299.0-6x/299.0-5x.

Jay Hodgson
February 28, 2020, 8:41 PM

did an expedited review of this new UI, and said “I don't see anything that would block a release.”

My guess is that there are a number of improvements that could be made (which would be reflected in both Portals and use of the shared component). Like help from and others to review (and I’d be happy to file the other Jira tickets).


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