Rethink Total Query Results Component


There are a few things in this which I would suggest, and I feel it may need a slight redesign. Any of these that are priorities could be made into separate tickets.


  1. Component is very close to the component above it, ‘clear all’ and ‘show all’ buttons are very close too.

2. Add hover state to “Clear All” which could be #4D5491 and white text. Or, we need to decide whether the clear all button should be the same as the “show all” button above it (i.e. white with grey hover)

3 (And possible solution)
The component itself seems like it should in fact go above the cards, instead of directly below the graph component. Even though the chicklets do control the graph, the “Results” are the cards themselves. Happy to discuss further if needed




Duminda Aluthgamage
October 30, 2020, 3:14 AM

We should discuss with and assign. This doesn’t seem like much design work is needed, and it’s mainly an engineering task, however it’s a matter of priority and making a decision.

  1. Looks like it has been done

  2. This button can be quickly improved (probably make it the same visually as “Show All Graphs”. And change the text to “Clear all Filters”

  3. A bigger discussion, maybe not a priority, but my prior proposal is not necessarily correct, since the query result component has filters that relate to the charts.
    A new option below would have the filter on the left side. If we were able to do something like this, we could consider including the toggles above (the filter and the charts)

Ryan Luce
October 27, 2020, 6:43 PM

Should we remove this from the current sprint? We’ve had it in the sprint four months in a row.

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